PME Plain Edge Stainless Steel Side Scraper (X Tall)

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As it is a plain edge scraper it means you can get perfectly flat edges when smoothing tall tiers and it will also help you get those sharp edges and corners that so many people are after.

Not only this, but the side scraper can also be used to spread and smooth ganache, royal icing and buttercream, allowing you to get your cake fillings smooth as well as the edges.

The Side Scraper is Made from high-quality stainless steel, this tool aids in the creation of various patterns on cakes covered with buttercream, royal icing and ganache. Distributed by PME, so like all PME products, you can expect it to be of the best quality, not to mention durable and extremely easy to use.

The scraper can be used over and over again and to clean, simply wash it in warm soapy water.


  • 255 x 88mm (10 x 3,5")