Join the SPRINKLY Affiliate Program

Do you love cake, cupcakes and cookies as much as we do? Do you want to spread the word about SPRINKLY? Get started by filling out our ambassador application today!

Why Join?

  • Earn commision on all sales that you generate
  • Give your followers a discount code for our entire store with your affiliate code/link
  • Free gifts depending on your performance
  • You get to become a SPRINKLY ambassador!
  • You will receive a welcome gift!
  • It's free & easy to apply to our program, hosted by Dovetale. If you're accepted, we'll get you set up and you'll be able to see your earnings, affiliate details & link visits on your profile page.

SPRINKLY Affiliate Program FAQs

How do i become an affiliate

You may apply to our affiliate program here


If you are succesful in your application you will receive an email notifiying you so. You can then create a dovetale log in - where you will be able to see your dovetale profile.


On your Dovetale profile you will find your affiliate link (eg. as well as an affiliate code (eg.CAKEMAKER10).


These are what you share with your followers.


The affiliate link - you can share this link with your followers, once they click it they will be directed to the sprinkly website and their 10% discount code will be automatically applied. You will earn commision on any purchase of sprinkly branded products they make in the next 60 days.


The affiliate code - You can share this code with you followers and it will do apply the same discount as the link as well as give you the same commision, but they will have to enter the code manually into the discount code section of our checkout.


You will be able to see if you have generated any sales on your Dovetale profile along with how much commision you have earned. This will be paid out monthly.


The more you spread the word about sprinkly the more money you can earn.


We work with Dovetale to facilitate our tracking, reporting and payment. When a visitor clicks the affiliate link that you have shared, placed on your wesbite or instagram bio etc. and makes an purchase, Dovetale records that order. Dovetale then grants you commissions on all new orders that customer places in the next 60 days.


When you sign up for SPRINKLY's affiliate program, you will provide your bank details. We will transfer commisions monthly, directly to your account. You are responsible for any taxes associated with commision fees.

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